Sunday, 12 February 2012

More Daily Sketches

Another long gap between blog posts! I didn't realise it is nearly 2 weeks since my last one. I get caught up with checking other artists blogs, which usually takes me on to another blog, not to mention RL that gets in the way.

A few more pages from my Daily Sketch Book, where I am doing quick impressions of my chosen subject. It is getting to be harder to make myself do this every day!


  1. Time runs away from us, I'm sure! It is a real challenge to keep up the daily sketches - but I'm sure you'll manage to stick to the seventy five days.

  2. the feather is lovely tricia is the garlic below love the dark bg with the blue shadows ..look foward to seeing more sketches .

  3. Love these Tricia...So wonderfully fresh and creative...