Saturday, 16 June 2012

Well goodness me. It has been 3 months since my last post!!!
I guess my life had been busy of late. Could do better :)

It has been so long I didn't know what to do to post a new page:)
My writing and photos don't seem to be working out as I would like
with gaps and new paragraphs where I want them. Any idea why anyone?

I have been doing some printing courses since my last post.
A 3 day one at Leeds Art College over Easter.
I am almost finished a weekly 2 hour course at another
college in the city. Two more weeks to go and then I go
on a 3 days course at with Judy Linnell.

The 2 prints here are monoprints.
The second one should appear first


The first is a ghost print of the main monoprint below...


  1. Love your monoprint, Tricia. Gorgeous!

    Why you're getting gaps, no idea. But if you use the "preview" you should be able to see what your post will look like, then you can go back and edit if you don't like it :) xx

  2. tricia ..lucky you sounds and looks like a good course

  3. Very cool, Tricia. Enjoyed this!