Monday, 12 September 2011

First Post

My first post! trying to find my way around blogging.
I'm sure I will make many mistakes and soon be looking
for advice.

This small painting was done a little while ago.
It is a painting of my son, when he was around 8 years old.
Done in watercolour. It is not an exact likeness, but not too bad!


  1. hi tricia,, thought i'd stop by and say hi and welcome you to blogging..its fun and you can always add and subtract as you go!! enjoy!!

  2. Hey Tricia...welcome to the world of's great fun, and you'll find that you'll change things a jillion times. You'll also find that if you post regularly, your friends and other artists will find you and then you'll get followers (and you'll become a follower of other's blogs and it'll go on and on and on). Get ready for a fun ride.

  3. Tricia - no problem getting in - may start one myself after watching how you do it!! Love the painting of your son. I don't see a camel here -- I have it framed here :)


  4. Hi Tricia, Looks like you are getting the hang of creating a blog. I will enjoy seeing your work posted here and to find out about your trips and workshops. Have fun!

  5. Welcome to the world of blogging from me too. Have fun!

  6. Hi Tricia...welcome to the world of blogging. I posted a comment earlier, but guess Blogger is still mad at me as I've had trouble posting on my own blog all week. This is great fun and I know you'll enjoy being here.

  7. Hi Tricia, seems like your blog is up and running :-). You'll have fun with this, I know!

  8. Thank you all for looking and commenting on my new blog. Also for becoming followers.

    After putting off starting a blog for so long
    it feels quite exciting to have one at last:)

  9. Bonnie, thank you. I have been a bit reluctant
    to post the painting. It is quite small, but on
    the whole I like it.