Thursday, 15 September 2011

This painting, cropped, at the top of my blog, is a full size
watercolour, 30" x 22" piece of Arches paper. I really enjoy painting
on a big scale with big brushes. I like to stand up and let the paint flow!


  1. Mmm, that's lovely. Reminds me very much of a moorland landscape.

  2. Hi Sharon. Thank you.
    It is the lovely Yorkshire Dales
    where I now live.

  3. Beautiful colours in this Tricia...and so good to see you start a blog...

  4. i tried to say hello and welcome but it was when i was having blog problems.. so better late than never.. welcome to the blogger wold.. ENJOY!!

  5. Sorry for not getting back here sooner!

    Thank you Stephie.
    I have been so nervous about starting a blog.

    Cindi, thanks for the welcome :)